Sheinside look

Here are some looks I think it's great for this fall. All the clothing from sheinside site.

 Sheinside is a great place to find fashionable clothes. Leave your comment to say what look you prefer or even if you have to show me a different look.

Xoxo girls.

happy xmas !!

This is already a few days, that Santa Claus is passing in each of our home. I hope you could enjoy this family celebrations, and you had all the gifts you want .. Christmas Day is my preferred, because it is magical no matter if you believe or not really .. The most important this festival is to give pleasure by offering a gift from the heart to another person that you love.

In my Christmas, I have several flavors: a box of perfume chloe, perfume florabotanica
and poison dior perfume. I also had a wallet, pajamas Undiz the cd Emeli Sande, and my nikon D3100 camera with lens 18-55. I am very happy with my gifts, I did not expect all this.

For the event and I was dressed in a long black dress strapless, with a collar near the shot that mimics a Peter Pan collar. I made the node as lady gaga hair because I did not know what to do and it was done in a quick 2 minutes I finish my hair.
You can see my hair in the photos above.

Xoxo, camille.

Freedom ...




Plus les jours passent, plus je suis impatiente. c'est vrai, c'est bientôt nöel, et je sens qu'il sera juste parfait ce nöel.
mais je pense au nouvel an, et a mes nouvelles résolution pour être une meilleure personne encore. Et je veux juste qu'en 2013 tout soit parfait ou presque, je veux que toute ma famille, ou amis soit heureux.. Je veux pouvoir regarder vers l'avenir, penser aux bonnes choses que la vie nous prévoit pour ces prochaines années....
Je veux juste être heureuse dans la future vie qui m'attend, qui nous attend tous.
Et vous, que voulez-vous pour le futur ?
As the days go by, I'm impatient. it's true, it's almost Xmas, and I sense it will be just perfect this Christmas.
but I think the new year, and my new resolution to be a better person again. And in 2013 I just want everything to be perfect or almost, I want my family or friends to be happy .. I want to look ahead, think of the good things that life provides for in the coming years ....
I just want to be happy in the future life that awaits me, which awaits us all.
And you, what do you want for the future?